Customer Testimonials

"Your scarves are without a doubt the best ever. The quality shows one what Made In America can mean. I am always proud to purchase one and so excited to see the reaction of the person on the receiving end. You should be so proud to offer such a wonderful quality piece of what is really art. You are actually an artist. This coupled with your top notch customer service skills makes you a model for what doing business should be all about. In all my years I have met only a couple of business people that have your level of all around skills." - Southwestern CT, 2019
“I love your work. Sometimes I take my scarves and shawls you’ve woven and lay them out just to admire them.”
– Kingston, NY, 2018
“My partner loves her shawl. She is so pleased that it is handwoven by you, the colors, the mathematical sequence in Nature, and all the love that went into it. . . . when she opened the bag she immediately put the shawl over her shoulders and wore it that very night. She, and I, really love it. Thank you so much for weaving happiness for us.”
– Fairfield, CT, 2016
“These are amazing, awesome, lovely, hand towels! I want to order more as gifts for family and friends."
– San Francisco, CA, 2020
“I absolutely love the shawl -- it will be such a treat to have it this summer. As part of my program we visit many different places of worship and it's often handy to have a shawl or scarf to cover my hair and arms. This will be just perfect!”
– Claremont, CA, 2018
“I have admired Firecrow Handwovens a the better part of five years. Kathy's excitement and appreciation of nature and patterns is shown in her work. Her constant learning of new techniques creates the highest quality to come out in her weaving. My absolute true love of her talent is her "coded" work, where she can take a name/s or saying and put it into numerical code and transform the message into a pattern. Your very own original pattern. I have seen many weavers over the years, but none have exhibited the never ending passion that comes out in Firecrow Handwovens.”
– New Salem, MA, 2017

"I received the shawl today and gave it to my friend. She absolutely loved it, and the color choice was perfect! Thank you so much.”
– New Paltz, NY, 2017

Firecrow Handwovens Scarves Shawls Ponchos

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